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portrait retouching

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Easy trick to improve every photo

We know that every photo is different and requires different digital image processing. But there is a trick we can do to improve every photo, no matter what that photo is.

The trick is to use “Unsharp Mask” in a different way. Most people use it just to sharpen the image with the following settings: Amount – 100%, Radius – 1 and Threshold – 0. In Photoshop we can find “Unsharp Mask” in “Sharpen” from the “Filter” drop down menu.

Now we can change the settings to the unusual: Amount – 20%, Radius – 50 and Threshold – 0. What we are actually doing by this is LOCAL CONTRAST ENHANCEMENT. Yes, this is the trick we can do on any photo.

You can already notice some Local Contrast improvement. The good thing about this is that you can do it twice even three times without worrying about the settings, just by clicking “Unsharp Mask”, because Photoshop remembers the last filter you used with the same settings and places it at the top of the “Filter” drop down menu.

If you overdo it just click “Undo” from the “Edit” menu. Once you are happy with the result you can save the photo which is now a lot more vivid and punchier. You can see the “Before and After” below.

This trick works on every photo. Now you can easily make all your photos better looking. Enjoy it!

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4 Step Color Touch Up Guide

Quite often digital cameras take photos which have some color cast. Instead of deleting those photos and losing precious memories you can easily fix the colors with digital photo editing software. This guide will show you an easy way to fix a color cast in 4 steps using Photoshop.

Let’s take a photo with a bit of a pink color cast. Step 1 is to duplicate the background layer. The easiest way to do that is to grab the background layer from the Layers pallete and drag it into the “Create a new layer” icon.


Step 2 is to click on “Auto Color” from the drop down menu at the top.

Now you can see that the color cast is gone, but the result could be a little bit too harsh. That’s why you need to do Step 3 – Reducing the opacity of the “Background copy” layer.

Once you have reduced the opacity to your liking the colors look a lot more natural and you are ready to “Flatten” the image by clicking at the top right hand corner of the Layers pallete.

Now you click on “Flatten Image” from the drop down menu and this is Step 4, which allows you to save the retouched photo in JPEG format.

Before saving the final result you can do a bit of fine tuning by playing with the “Color Balance” command from the “Adjustment” tab which you can find in the drop down menus at the top. This is only optional for those looking for the perfect colors.

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Digital Photo Editing Software

One of the biggest advantages of digital photography over film photography is the ability to improve the final output of the image. With film cameras you had to rely on the processing lab to make your photos appear their best, but with digital photos you can have all the tools you need to enhance and edit your own photos right at home.

To realize the potential that digital photography puts in your hands, you will need a photo editing software. Not so many years ago, the concept of editing high resolution digital photos was confined to science fiction and the realms of million-dollar supercomputers. Now you can walk into any software retailer and pick up a photo editing package to run on your home PC.

There are a few free digital photo editing software programs available for download that are reasonably good for most common photo editing needs. All you have to do is perform a search for “free photo editing software” and you should have plenty of results to choose from. Of course there are some more advanced programs with many more features that will help you achieve more, but they are not free.

So, is it worth paying or should you use one of the free options?

Most people start delving into photo editing with free programs. They start to spend a great deal of time doing so because of the enjoyment they get from it. They begin to take great pride in the quality of photographs they are producing. Eventually they start exploring the more advanced programs which can produce astonishing results.


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Photo Touch Up

The invention of digital photography made it possible for everyone to enjoy better photos. But how is this possible when we are not all the world’s greatest photographers? Obviously using modern sophisticated digital cameras helps a lot, but the ability to use a technique called photo touch up is the real reason why we can produce truly memorable photos.  Digital photography and photo touch up go hand in hand.

By touching up your raw photos with digital photo editing software you can make what was once an ordinary photo into a great photo. Retouching photos is not just photo make up like removing blemishes and imperfections from your portraits or making people slimmer and better looking. Sometimes you need to lighten your image, crop it, rotate it, clean up some unwanted spots, and just do a general optimization and enhancement of the whole photo. It is all quick and easy to do once you know how!

All photos need some sort of adjustment!  You can never take a perfect photo straight from the camera. This is simply because every camera, no matter how good and expensive, can only take a picture with one fixed exposure setting for the whole frame. This means there are always either underexposed details in the shadows or overexposed details in the highlights, or in most cases, both.

Every photo should be improved before being saved or printed. It is amazing how many people don’t realize that. They believe their photos are good straight from the camera until they see the improved version and then they say: “Wow, this is so much better! How did you do that?”

That’s what image editing software is for. It helps make your photos worthy of recording your precious memories.  Before you print or save your photos you should analyze their brightness, contrast, sharpness, color balance and exposure problems. Once you know what needs improving you can easily perform a photo touch up. You can fix, optimize and enhance everything, which will make you feel like you have created brand new photos and also make you proud when showing them off to your friends and relatives.

Photo optimization and enhancement, which was once only available to professional photographers, is now available to everyone. With the current advances in digital photo editing software there are so many things you can do. Don’t be afraid to experiment while learning! Practice makes perfect when it comes to touching up your photos. Digital photo editing software offers so much more now than it did only a few short years ago and it is getting easier all the time. Even an absolute beginner can start using tricks like the pros!

Why have ordinary photos when you can have GREAT photos?

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Why have ordinary photos when you can have GREAT photos?